Container Recycling

Cash in your scrap bottles and cans.

If you have used bottles, empty aluminum cans, or scrap plastics, call Maricopa today and get paid for it! Protect the environment AND make money!

Get money for your scrap!

If you have plastic or metal containers lying around your property, why not cash them in at Maricopa Recycling? Get money for what you're going to throw away anyway! Plus, you'll be helping out the environment at the same time!

Get your $$$ now!

  • Plastic containers
  • Bottled water containers
  • Aluminum cans
  • Beverage containers of all kinds

How much money do you have sitting around?

Find out what those plastic containers, aluminum cans, and scrap you have is worth at Maricopa! Call or stop by and get paid for your old soda cans, milk jugs, and more!

Be good to your bank account while being good to the environment!

Turn your scrap into CASH! Call or stop by today and get paid for your aluminum cans and plastic bottles! FREE estimates for recycling!

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